• - Natalie A

    "Thank you again for your amazing work!! I feel so lucky to have found you!"

  • - Sean G

    "She loved the rings so much and the proposal was picturesque... I honestly felt so much better right as I started working with you..."

  • - Nick R

    "She absolutely loves the ring, says she couldn't imagine it being any better :)"

crafted with care in San Francisco

At OctaHedron Jewelry, we take pride in our craft right here in the heart of San Francisco. Our jewelry-making journey is like crafting a masterpiece, step by step, and it's something we want you to be a part of!
From our design studio in the iconic Castro district, our creative team works magic with cutting-edge computer-aided designs. Every gemstone, every curve, and every detail is meticulously considered to ensure that each piece tells a unique story.
Our gemstones, ranging from Montana sapphires to antique cushion cuts, to unique salt & pepper diamonds, are handpicked from trusted partners with impeccable ethical backgrounds. It's not just jewelry; it's a journey of responsible sourcing and sustainable beauty.
So, when you wear an OctaHedron piece, you're not just wearing jewelry; you're wearing a piece of San Francisco's creativity and commitment to ethics. Join us in this magical journey and create your very own San Francisco custom jewelry piece.

heirloom redesign

why leave your family jewels in a safe, when you can cherish them every day? not only do we strongly believe in recycling and keeping this planet beautiful, we also love to keep family heirlooms close to you at all times. our custom design services allow you to rework your sentimental gems into something more your style.