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Welcome to OctaHedron Jewelry, a cozy corner where everyday rings become personal stories. As a small team, every jewelry design is more than a piece—it's a handcrafted tale, weaving non-traditional, ethical, and alternative threads into the fabric of your unique love story. Because in our little workshop in San Francisco, each ring is as special as the journey it symbolizes. 

OctaHedron takes pride in crafting luxurious everyday rings that are not only visually stunning but also ethically conscious. Our commitment to supporting ethical trusted companies is paramount to our business model. We believe that engagement rings and wedding bands should be a symbol of love, both for your partner and for the world we share. That’s why our non-traditional gold rings are designed to make a statement while respecting the environment.

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You're in luck! We offer fully customized designs starting at $1500 as well as made-to-order pieces featuring your desired gemstones in the ring size of your choosing. Each piece is made in San Francisco and takes approximately 3-8 weeks. Set up a call with us here if you'd like more info.